Vintage Style Coke Ad

This is my first blog! Thank you to all my readers for checking out my brand new site!

The last term of the Langara Professional Photography program is designed for you to stretch your legs in the specialties you want to later focus on in your career, and to create your portfolio. We design our own assignments, find our own locations, models, props, the whole nine. That is, aside from the wide range of lighting and camera equipemnt available from the school which I will sorely miss now that I've graduated!

I designed this assignment becasue I wanted to try out a pin-up photoshoot! I took inspiration from the old advertising posters of the 40s and 50s, and decided I would recreate the style for my Commercial class. I happen to know a dancer and pin-up model named Lottie Libido with gorgeous red hair, who was stoked to model for me. I rented an antique coke cooler from a local antique store, and bought glass bottles of coke for props. Voila!

My lighting set up was a small softbox on a boom above, and fairly close to Lotte's head, a large softbox at camera as a fill, and a large strip box on camera left for a soft kicker and to light the cooler. The coke medalian logo was aded in post.

This was a good start, but it was my intention to go all the way with old fashioned look. I painted over the image in photohop, and added texture to make it look like it was on aged paper. Lottie also has some pretty rad tattoos, but the pinup girls in these ads wouldn't so I covered them. With Lottie's permission of course. Here is the final piece:

Model: Lottie Libido

Hair/Makeup Artist: Katie Calvert

Wardrobe: Jean Queen

Photographer: Teresa Donck

#Cola #pinup #oldfashioned #50s #LottieLibido #reddress #portrait #antique

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